Lake View Fisheries Ltd. has created at least 50 jobs in its first year of operation. This will increase to 150 by Year 5. We will especially aim to encourage the engagement of women and the youth, thereby empowering them and giving them additional revenue streams. Inhabitants of Mfangano Location, Homa Bay County will benefit from improved infrastructure such as roads, piped water and electricity, that this new industry will generate.  We expect to make significant gains in reducing malnutrition indices in the region, which currently are among the highest in the nation.


Kenya’s fisheries sector has been heavily dependent on capture fisheries. Overfishing has resulted in significant depletion of wild fish stocks to the point where if no impactful interventions are made fish stocks risk depletion. The food security of millions of Kenyans is at risk. Lake View Fisheries Ltd. was founded with a vision of applying modern, sustainable aquaculture methods to farm tilapia and improve food security in Kenya. Our aim is to increase tilapia production significantly using environmentally sound methods. We aim to make fish a widely available and affordable source of protein for millions of Kenyans.