Welcome to Lake View Fisheries Ltd.

Lake View Fisheries is a leader of aquaculture in Kenya changing the way traditional fish farming has been previously practiced. We are dedicated to sustainably producing the highest quality Nile tilapia while applying cutting edge aquaculture technology to bring a true taste of Lake Victoria deliciousness to your table. Our State-of-the-Art, highly innovative tilapia farm coupled with our highly experienced aquaculture team will assure consistent supply, high quality, affordable tilapia nation-wide. We have taken significant steps to ensure that we:

“Farm Sustainably, Eat Sustainably, Live Sustainably”

At Lake View Fisheries, our vision is to improve food security in Kenya by providing a constant supply of fresh, affordable tilapia

We aim to be a leading example of environmental and social stewardship within the Kenyan aquaculture industry.   Our goal is to serve and support the community by enriching livelihoods, employment creation, aquaculture training and community development programs

We cultivate our wholesome tilapia in its natural habitat, the fresh waters of Lake Victoria. Our carefully selected cage site enables us to grow fish away from industrial pollution and the water hyacinth menace. This gives Lake View Fisheries’ tilapia the unmatched flavour you can only find in the best fish from the Lake

Lake View Fisheries Ltd. has adopted stringent quality measures to ensure that we maintain a low environmental footprint with minimum negative impact

Lake View Fisheries Ltd. has strong local ties to the community and is working to ensure that benefits such as job creation, improved food security and the improved infrastructure including roads, water and electricity are fully realized